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We currently offer the cheapest calls to European countries and North America. Benefit for example of low minute cost such as 0,08 kr calling fixed lines in Denmark or 0,60 kr for mobiles. We also offer even better rates to high volume clients to their preferred destinations.

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Country Cost Per Minute Destinations type
Afghanistan2,99  fastnet
Afghanistan Mobil2,99  mobil
Albania 3,23   fastnet
Albania Mobil 4,05   mobil
Algeria 3,39   fastnet
Algeria Mobil 4,05   Mobil
Andorra 0,99   fastnet
Andorra Mobil 2,49   mobil
Angola 1,99   fastnet
Angola Mobil 1,99   mobil
Anguilla 2,47   fastnet
Anguilla Mobil 2,47   mobil
Antarctica & Islands Antartic 14,90   fastnet
Antigua & Barbuda 2,49   fastnet
Antigua & Barbuda Mobil 2,49   mobil
Argentina 1,49   fastnet
Argentina Mobil 1,49   mobil
Armenia 2,15   fastnet
Armenia Mobil 2,15   mobil
Aruba 2,49   fastnet
Aruba Mobil 2,49   mobil
Ascension Island 17,97   fastnet
Ascension Island Premium rate 17,97   fastnet
Australia 0,50   fastnet
Australia Mobil 0,99   mobil
Austria 0,45   fastnet
Austria Mobil 1,15   mobil
Austria Premium 3,49   Premium
Azerbaijan 3,49   fastnet
Azerbaijan Mobil 3,49   Mobil
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